Friday, 17 April 2015

Past simple tense

6th graders,
Viva la vida!
Watch and listen to the video by Coldplay.

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Now listen and complete the missing words of the following exercise.

Lemon tree

5th grade students,

in this unit we are looking at tall trees, short trees, big trees, small trees,
trees with long branches and trees with short branches...
orange trees, palm trees and lemon trees!

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This is the Lemon Tree song, by Fool's garden.
Click on the image and sing along!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Comparing people


Good  ............   Better than ...
Bad ................  Worse than ...


Students fill in the gaps with the information provided. Hope you like it!

Exercise 1              Exercise 2               

Exercise 3 Resultado de imagen de hshc de comparison                  Exercise 4: Resultado de imagen de comparative online games esl

Exercise 5: COMPARISON

Exercise 6: ADJECTIVE 1                    

Oxford Online Learning Zone

Hello students!

This is a web with activities for you.
Click on the image and type:
PASSWORD: canraspalls
Then play activities for your level.
Enjoy and learn English!

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